I Repent

This post from the brother of a friend says a lot of what I think, feel and have learned. I too repent. Thanks John.

John R. Caines Jr.

I have been a pastor in the Presbyterian Church in America for twelve years. My father, J. Render Caines, has been a pastor for forty three years (started in the RPCES) and my brother, Philip Caines, for fourteen. I have a long history in my denomination. I have been invited today to speak as a PCA minister, but I would not be a faithful one if I did not speak the truth.

I stand before you guilty. I repent of my sins against my black, Latino, Asian, and indigenous brothers and sisters. As a human being I have not defended their rights for most of my life. I have misunderstood the race problem and done next to nothing to support my brothers and sisters. As a minister I never preached or taught about this issue until the last few years. Our neighborhood is 80% white and our city 60%, but our church is over 90% white…

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